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Purely Purple GHG 20 Tea Bags

Purely Purple GHG 20 Tea Bags

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With Purely Purple GHG tea you can get an incredible antioxidant boost the old-fashioned way - brewing a delicious hot or iced cup of tea. With its rich purple color, you'll get an earthy sweet taste while supporting your health.

Who it’s for: Anyone looking for an antioxidant-rich cup of tea to support their health.

What it does: Delivers the health benefits of purple tea leaf.

What sets this product apart?

  • Two teabags a day deliver the full active dose of 3 grams of loose-leaf Purple tea 
  • Purple tea is known for its high antioxidants with GHG (hexahydroxydiphenoyl-β-D-glucose) and anthocyanins 
  • Rich purple color of your tea, and the earthy natural taste which is pleasant to sweeten with honey or stevia as you prefer.
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