Auto-Ship Procedures & Policies

1. Auto-Ship orders over $99 are eligible to receive free shipping on all subsequent orders after the first order is completed.  The customer is responsible for shipping costs on the first order of the selected Auto-ship plan.

2. Young90store will use its best efforts to ship all AutoShip orders on the specific day of the month specified by the Customer or Distributor at the time the AutoShip order was setup. In cases where that day lands on a weekend, holiday, or any other day that the young90life warehouse is closed for shipping, said AutoShip order will be fulfilled on a day chosen by young90store, as close as possible to the chosen day. Should there be a need to permanently change an AutoShip date, Customer or Distributor will be notified of same and provided with revised schedule and or other Autoship day options.

3. All new AutoShip requests must be received electronically or physically by the Company by the last business day on or before the 28th of the month to be processed for the following month.

4. Young90store is not responsible for delays in the delivery of an AutoShip request caused by the U.S. Postal Service, or any other courier service, public or private.

5. All AutoShip requests must be received electronically or on an official Company AutoShip Order form. The order form must be filled out completely. Any omissions of information will render the AutoShip request invalid and must be resubmitted.

6. young90store can receive faxed, photocopied, internet, and original AutoShip forms. AutoShip requests will be accepted with appropriate endorsement. young90life cannot receive a request for AutoShip via the telephone.

7. All AutoShip requests must be paid with a credit card, ProPay or credit on account, which will be billed monthly.

8. All AutoShip requests must be sent to the billing address of the credit card (this information will be verified with the credit card company).

9. An AutoShip order may be of any size. Qualifying Volume for AutoShip orders will be applied automatically, however, having an active AutoShip order on file, in itself, does not automatically constitute Commissions or Rank Qualification for any Representative. It is the responsibility of the individual Distributor to qualify for commissions with the required Personal Qualifying and or Group Qualifying Volume.

10. Any and all changes to an existing AutoShip are treated as a new AutoShip Request and are subject to the same requirements. Any and all changes to an existing AutoShip must be clearly identified as a change to avoid a duplicate AutoShip order being created.

11. The Company is not responsible for any incorrect information supplied by any financial institution.

12. The Company is not responsible for credit cards not authorized for payment of an AutoShip order. Any order not authorized for payment via a credit card will be cancelled for that month. Any order not authorized for payment via a credit card for two (2) months in any twelve (12) month period will be rendered void and will be required to be resubmitted with another credit card number as payment. If the new credit card is not authorized for payment during the twelve (12) month period, the Distributor will not be allowed to participate in the AutoShip program and will instead need to place orders using another payment method.

13. The Company will cancel any AutoShip that is subject to a consumer credit card chargeback.

14. Unauthorized duplication of an AutoShip Order Form is prohibited. Written permission from the Company is required before the duplication of any form is permitted.

15. Any AutoShip that is refused delivery will be immediately canceled. Additional charges will be levied if a second shipment is requested. An AutoShip canceled for refused delivery will not be eligible for renewal.

16. The Company processing fees will be deducted from refunds issued for AutoShip orders.

17. As outlined in section D9, all young90store Distributor Applications and AutoShip Order Forms must be properly and legally endorsed. Violation of this policy is considered fraud and is a violation of these Policies & Procedures.

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