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Collagen Peptide Joint Health Support

Collagen Peptide Joint Health Support

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Collagen is essential to building and maintaining healthy connective tissue throughout your body including your joints. Collagen Peptide - Joint Health Support was designed to go beyond supporting connective tissue to delivering nutrients that specifically target tissues in and around the joints including cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. It provides the five main collagen types (I, II, III, V, and X) plus hyaluronic acid, turmeric, MSM, glucosamine and more for complete joint health support.

Who it’s for: anyone seeking the five main collagen types to boost the health of their hair, skin, nails, joints, and immune system.

What it does: by providing a variety of collagens:

  • Helps promotes healthy cartilage building for joints
  • Supports joint comfort and mobility 
  • Supports heathy muscles, bones, and joints 
  • Contains nutrients that may support a healthy inflammatory response 
  • Promotes healthy cartilage, nails, hair, and stomach lining

What sets this product apart?

  • Includes 5 main collagen types sourced from grass-fed beef, fish, cage-free chicken, and eggshell membrane 
  • Hyaluronic acid, turmeric, MSM, glucosamine 
  • Includes collagen boosting enzymes that allow the body to better utilize dosage 
  • Clean, sustainable ingredients from grass-fed and cage-free sources 
  • Different forms of collagen allow one to reap a variety of benefits including skin, muscle, and joint support. 
  • Natural Tropical Berry Flavor
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