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Beyond Tangy Tangerine (BTT) 2.0 Tablets - 120 Tablets

Beyond Tangy Tangerine (BTT) 2.0 Tablets - 120 Tablets

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There's no easier way to provide your body with essential nutrients. This multi-vitamin mineral complex contains whole foods, trace minerals, antioxidants, prebiotics and probiotics, and amino acids. Plus, you get synergizing nutrients that help ensure maximum absorption in your body. And with an ORAC Score (antioxidant capacity) of 160,000, you get even more antioxidants to combat free radicals and support your overall health. Plus, we’ve added Beet Root powder and methylfolate to our original formula for added health benefits.

NOTE: If you’re looking for our BTT 2.5 Tablets, look no further! Our BTT 2.0 Tablets now include the same enhancements made to BTT 2.5, offering our customers a singular powerful formula.

Contains: 120 tablets

Who it’s for: anyone seeking optimal nutrition from a complete multivitamin mineral complex to support overall well-being.   

What it does: provides the body with essential nutrients needed for optimal health. 

What Sets This Product Apart?  

  • Synergizing cofactors ensure maximum nutrient absorption and benefits
  • An unusually high 160,000 ORAC (antioxidant) score per serving
  • Prebiotics, probiotics, amino acids, and enzymes to support digestion 
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