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Pollen Burst Plus - Gushing Grape

Pollen Burst Plus - Gushing Grape

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Pollen Burst is the world's first energy drink powered by flower pollen. Featuring Vitamin D and the powerful antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD), it helps boost energy levels and fight damage caused by free radical toxins and environmental stresses. Comes in a delicious, natural grape taste.

Who it’s for: anyone seeking a natural way to increase energy levels.   

What it does: provides essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants for enhanced energy and protection against cellular damage.   

What Sets This Product Apart? 
Pollen Burst is the world’s first energy drink powered by flower pollen, with the added benefit of protection against free radical toxins and other environmental stresses. Pollen Burst also stands apart because it provides sustained energy without the crash.   

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