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The Soul Purpose CEO Mega Pak™ consists of a variety of best-selling Soul Purpose products, which will get your personal care business off to a great start! The Pak™ includes: Item # Description Quantity SP329 Ghanaian Brown Sugar and Honey Shea Body Balm – 4 oz 1 SP380 Salon Red/Pure Essentials Shampoo 12 oz 1 SP381 Pure Essentials Conditioner – 12 oz 1 SP390 Alive Rejuvenating Day Cream 1 SP394 Kindness Moisturizing Cleansing Milk 1 SP396 Hydrating Rosewater and Glycerin Beauty Elixir Toner 5.7oz 1 SP434 Be Well Massage Balm – 1/2 oz 1 SP435 Remede 1 SP437 Heat 1 SP460 Happy Feet Foot Soak – 16.7 oz 1 SP461 Happy Feet Foot Scrub – 15.3 oz 1 SP462 Happy Feet Organic Foot Cream – 3.07 oz 1 SP463 Happy Feet Foot Spray – 4.43 oz 1 SP471 Simply Body Custard – 5.5 oz 1 SP473 Herbal Lip Balm 1 SP501 Mango and Pomegranate Candle – 10oz Tin 1 SP604 Pomegranate/Mango Body Wash 1 SP605 Sandalwood Body Wash 1 SP607 Simply Body Wash 1 SP628 Bougainvillea Body Gloss 1 SP644 Pomegranate/Mango Body Polish 1 SP647 Simply Body Polish 1 SP720 Journey Of The Senses – Solid Scent Sampler 1 SP779 Head to Toe Trio Gift Set 1 This Pak also contains spatulas and assorted literature. Soul Purpose reserves the right to substitute fragrances on any of the items in the product packs.